Modern Car Parking Shades in Kenya

Modern Car Parking Shades in Kenya

Get high quality modern car parking shades installed in any part of Kenya. wide range of car parking shades at competitive prices.  We install modern parking shades on both residential areas and commercial areas.

This a bottom up cantilever design carport, that is elegant, strong to withstand harsh weather conditions. has got a warrant of 12yrs. Protect your vehicles from unfriendly weather conditions in Kenya from The Kenya’s leading champion in installing and maintaining car-parking shades, car-wash, canopies and other shade products.

Car Parking Shades for Sale in Kenya

we have different color shades to suit your home/environment. we also assist you to choose.

Get a modern car parking shade and protect your car from harmful sun rays , rain , dust and bird droplets. request a site survey for quote, kindly reach us on

We provide car parking shades, garden umbrellas, shade sails, canopies among other shade solutions. a two car parking shade , good quality at reasonable rates. you just need to contact us today.

Protect your Car from both Rain and Solar heat. Our Car parking shades or Canopies are durable throughout all the seasons.. Doesn’t allow water nor dust. Your car will always be clean and protected from severe sun heat. The interiors of your are safe too.

Car Parking Shade Solutions In Kenya

✓for property managers or business owners, the weather can pose a significant challenge to vehicles in your parking lot, when customers, employees and executives park their cars in your parking lot, they can they count on you to protect them or their vehicles in the event of harsh weather conditions…
✓vehicle protection for parking lots should be durable and sturdy enough to withstand harsh winds & provide protection from uv rays.
✓adds to the aesthetic appeal of your property.
✓makes it easier for drivers to exit the lot without the discomfort of excessively hot vehicles.

Water, moisture and sun keep damaging your car. construct a modern car parking shade at a favorable price.

We make and supply quality car shade across Kenya. We believe in quality service delivery.

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