3 Benefits of Shaded Parking Structures

3 Benefits of Shaded Parking Structures

Why you need a shade structure for your parking lot. At Disney Shades & Technology, we custom design and construct shade structures that provide numerous advantages to outdoor parking areas. Our durable and quality shade canopies, sails and umbrellas benefit cars, boats, motorcycles, maintenance vehicles, and trucks found in:

  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Car Washes Car
  • Rental Facilities
  • Schools
  • Airport
  • s Industrial Parks
  • Malls and Retail Spaces
  • Entertainment Arenas and Parks
  • Public Parks, Libraries and Government Offices
  • Residential Complexes And More..

Here are 3 benefits that shaded parking structures provide:

Protection Against Weather Parking lots covered by shade structures can provide cars with effective protection against solar radiation and ultraviolet rays, rain, hail, wind and even dust. They can also help protect cars against certain types of insects and birds. Shaded parking structures can also slow down the deterioration of street pavements, therefore decreasing the amount of maintenance needed.

Energy Savings Another added benefit to shaded parking structures is the amount of energy that it reduces. Protection from the sun and heat can maintain a cooler environment for vehicles, which will reduce the amount of energy needed to cool it down from the hot sun.

Security & Safety Most professionals think only of the benefits that shaded parking structures provide during the day, but they can also provide benefits at night too. Our custom shade structures can be used together with lighting features, allowing you to provide added security and safety benefits to parking lots.

Disney Shades & Technology is the leading manufacturer of quality shade canopies, sails, and umbrellas for commercial needs. We are dedicated to making durable and quality shade canopies, sails, and umbrellas with cutting edge technology and engineer made materials. We ship everywhere across the Kenya.

To learn more about our shade structures or how you can provide year-round sun protection, contact us today.

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